Just a reminder about Obama

One of the things that has been really hard in dealing with Obama has been that his attacks on America have come fast and furious and have been unrelenting. One day he’s attacking one aspect of our lives and while people are trying to expose what he’s doing and defend our freedoms, he’s off sticking the knife in the back of two or three of our other freedoms.

The crap he has done has been exposed over and again, but sometimes it’s over the course of weeks and months and even years. So, even though this is old news for anyone who’s been watching Obama for the last 6 years – this is a good reminder of some stuff.

Constitution Week – Day 7

Wow! What a fast week. We are already on the last day!
The last installment of the newsletter is focused on Socialism/Communism and some talks about why no one should ever confuse the United Order with either. Read up! (Unedited version – might be a little too truthful for some people!)

Here’s a link to the FHE lesson from the Gilbert Constitution Week celebration. (BTW – you can support Constitution Week at their website!)

Constitution Week 7-1Constitution Week 7-2
Constitution Week 7-3
Constitution Week 7-4
Constitution Week 7-5


Download the pdf here

Here are some more great talks!

Joseph F. Merrill – October 1946 General Conference

Harold B. Lee – October 1941 General Conference

Harold B Lee – April 1942 General Conference

Ezra Taft Benson – 1977

Constitution Week – Day 6

This edition of the newsletter was focused on the 2008 Presidential election )And Arizona’s election laws), but you can still use some of the principles. I’ve added bonus talks from President Benson and J. Ruben Clark to give you a little more to enjoy on this Sabbath Day!

Constitution Week 6-1Constitution Week 6-2








Download the pdf here

Here is the bonus material!

A Witness And A Warning – Benson

The Constitution – Clark