The lies about unemployment and the so called recovery

The big news – Wow! only 7.7% unemployment. what a joke!

This story helps put some perspective on the story.

But the real deal is simply this. Even though our population is increasing the number of people working is still decreasing. The real unemployment rate is way higher. Our economy is in really bad shape. The truth is, the U3 rate is a joke. The U6 is still closer to the truth (About 15%), but still doesn’t tell the whole truth.

Why doesn’t this administration support the Bill of Rights?

It’s hard to say.

They have already proven their disdain for the 2nd Amendment, but it’s become more and more apparent they hate the 4th, 5th and 6th Amendments as well.

Now their new CIA chief pulls this stunt. Now, it’s probably as likely he chose to do this because he thought swearing on a Koran would be too controversial. (Yes, I believe he’s a Muslim who hates Israel). Either way, The Obama Administration is going full speed at trying to destroy our liberty.

Why does the government think they have the right?

This story just makes me so angry! How can the government tell a company that they have to do match making for homos? What’s next? Making church web sites set up an Atheist section?

This is insane. It’s like trying to force the Boy Scouts to have gay leaders, or forcing christian clubs to have atheist members. This is how they will force churches to marry gays and force doctors to perform abortions against their religious beliefs.