Unemployment was up in 27 states last month. But it was down in some states and is officially only 8.2%. Next Thursday it will probably be adjusted up (like almost every other month since Obama’s people started making the reports?)

But what is the real unemployment rate? It’s really hard to say. The U3 number is nowhere near the truth. It disregards people who don’t try to collect unemployment benefits, or people who benefits have run out.

The truth is 40% of adults in the US don’t work. But before World War II (Before these “unemployment” statistics were kept) a huge percentage of married women didn’t work, and that 40% number would likely have been higher then – even in good times.

Again what is the real unemployment rate? While the U6 number is more accurate that the U3, I still don’t think it tells us the truth. Either way, our economy is far from healthy.