Constitution Week – Day 7

Wow! What a fast week. We are already on the last day!
The last installment of the newsletter is focused on Socialism/Communism and some talks about why no one should ever confuse the United Order with either. Read up! (Unedited version – might be a little too truthful for some people!)

Here’s a link to the FHE lesson from the Gilbert Constitution Week celebration. (BTW – you can support Constitution Week at their website!)

Constitution Week 7-1Constitution Week 7-2
Constitution Week 7-3
Constitution Week 7-4
Constitution Week 7-5


Download the pdf here

Here are some more great talks!

Joseph F. Merrill – October 1946 General Conference

Harold B. Lee – October 1941 General Conference

Harold B Lee – April 1942 General Conference

Ezra Taft Benson – 1977

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